Criminal Defense Practice

When bad things happen to good people, you deserve to have a skillful and successful criminal defense attorney at your side. Criminal defense attorney Erik Lombillo in Naples, Florida offers powerful resources and is dedicated to defending you and your rights. Erik Lombillo will provide you with the best criminal defense, regardless of the nature of the charges against you.

What Erik Lombillo Can Offer In Your Defense

With more than 15 years experience and more than 10,000 cases, Erik Lombillo’s qualifications include serving as assistant state attorney and drug court prosecutor. He is qualified at both the state and federal court levels and offers insight and guidance with trial experience from both sides of the courtroom, both as a defender and prosecutor. Nothing is more important when you have been accused of a crime than to have a qualified, experienced courtroom trial lawyer defending your rights.

The Difference Between Erik Lombillo and Other Law Firms

Erik Lombillo not only strives to be different than most criminal defense lawyers, but he is also driven to be available to you from the moment you are accused. Preparing a winning defense can change your life and without one, you may suffer unfair consequences. Criminal defense attorney Erik Lombillo is available for your call as soon as you are accused of a crime.

Time is extremely important when an investigation begins and Erik Lombillo can be successful at preventing accusations and investigations from becoming formal charges. He moves quickly to protect you and by having complete knowledge of all types of criminal charges and Florida law, he might even be able to stop investigations against you.

Areas of Criminal Law

Erik Lombillo successfully represents defendants against charges such as drunk driving, sex crimes, fraud, theft, federal crimes, drug crimes, embezzlement, domestic violence, as well as other offenses that deserve top criminal defense. Being accused of a criminal act can ruin a life. Don’t let accusations, charges or investigations ruin yours. Call Naples criminal defense lawyer Erik Lombillo as soon as you are accused of a crime.

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