Board Certified Attorney talks about DUI in Naples

If you get arrested for DUI in Naples, you will quickly find yourself in a calamity of consequences.  Your car is towed, your mugshot is published, your license is taken away, you are told you can’t drive in a few days, and other dominoes start to fall that make the whole ordeal a living nightmare.  One of the things you CAN do to control the situation is to immediately hire the most competent and experienced lawyer you can find.  It’s one of the first decisions you have to make, and if you make the right one, it can make the difference between outcomes in your Naples DUI case.  Not all attorneys have the same backgrounds and sometimes it can look like comparing apples and oranges.  After a DUI arrest, the attorney choice should be simple and the question direct: What is your trial experience with DUI cases in the event I want to take my case to a jury trial?  What insights do you have into how my case can be negotiated if I don’t want to take this to trial?

With literally thousands of DUI cases under my belt, there is no substitute for a large volume of experience to be able to recognize your best, unique defense. As a Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, the Florida Bar has designated me an expert in my field.  Board Certified Lawyers are evaluated for professionalism and tested for expertise.

I offer free consultations and can discuss with you the strengths and weaknesses of your case in a comfortable office setting to start the process of regaining control of the situation.  My office is near the courthouse in Naples, but I also handle DUI cases in Fort Myers.